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Hello from Illinois!
« on: 17:35:02 | 29 April, 2019 »
Hello all,

New to the community, but not new to Internet radio.

I previously ran WWPM MediaNet from 2010 until 2013, which was about 80% music, 20% talk (but that talk came from the hosts of our radio programs, Craig Bailey from Floydian Slip, Chris Munday from Sideways With A Badger and Brian Basher from Hard Rock Nights, for example). (Back then, I also had really crappy Internet service -- supposedly 50Mbps -- and would go offline overnight.)

My return to Internet radio in 2018 wasn't near as glorious as I'd hope. Going back to a music format was becoming out of the question because of ever-increasing royalty rates. Having seen that some of the Internet's heavy hitters in talk radio, like Talk Superstation (RIP), have gone off the air for good, it kinda confirmed my decision to launch a station under a news/talk format.

It only made sense to make the station an extension of a news website I've been running since New Year's Eve 2016, Heartland Newsfeed, hence why it's part of the station's name - Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network.

Didn't take long to get things started:
  • I established an affiliate partnership with the Liberty Radio Network/LRN.FM to carry three of their programs live (Declare Your Independence, The Call To Freedom and Free Talk Live).
  • I established an affiliate partnership with the Sports Byline USA Radio Network to carry some of their programs (Wrestling Observer Live, Sports Byline USA and Sports Overnight America -- and as of Sunday, May 5 -- Dorf On Sports aka Sports Byline Sunday.
  • It took literally no effort to get an affiliate agreement with Beyond The Beltway with Bruce DuMont, which is a national program based in Chicago.
  • The rest is pretty much podcasts.

Enough of my lengthy introduction. I look forward to contributing to this community.
Jake Leonard
General Manager/Program Director, Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network
Editor-In-Chief, Heartland Newsfeed

Alan E Hill

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Re: Hello from Illinois!
« Reply #1 on: 02:27:27 | 01 May, 2019 »
Welcome to the forum. It's interesting to hear about what it takes to run an internet radio station.

I look forward to your input.
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