Author Topic: U.S. Commercials on radio streams  (Read 639 times)


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U.S. Commercials on radio streams
« on: 17:39:31 | 14 March, 2017 »
I have just noticed a new phenomenon (at  least to me) I hadn't been aware of before. When streaming stations worldwide, I'm  hearing U.S. based commercials inserted in the stream, both on Reciva using my C Crane internet radio, and stations picked up on Radio Garden.  For example, Lowe's ads appeared in the middle of a broadcast from a station in Ethiopia.  Other US commercials have been inserted into a couple of French stations.

Can anyone explain this?  Is it just on certain streams? Maybe this has been happening all along, and I just recently noticed it.  The last thing I want to hear while listening to worldwide programs is cheesy US-based commercials.

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Re: U.S. Commercials on radio streams
« Reply #1 on: 23:38:10 | 14 March, 2017 »
"When streaming stations worldwide" - do you mean, when streaming stations whilst you are travelling worldwise, or do you mean listening to non-US stations in the US? If the latter, I have noticed a similar thing, that whilst listening to some non-German stations here in Germany, I hear German ads - but not just inserted into ad slots, but also over (i.e. blocking out) the stream I'm trying to listen to. I have noticed this on non-subscription versions of a stream, the subscription version beiing ad-free.

Clearly, stations, streamers and aggregators believe that localised advertising brings more revenue, being more targeted towards the listener. There is the implicit assumption that anyone listening is a native of the place they are listening in, and therefore speak the local language and shop locally. In the world of international internet radio, popular amongst travellers and expats, this assumption might not be entirely valid; but short of analysing each listener's full listening habits and providing individually targeted advertising, for now, inserting local adverts is what they see as the best option.

Who or what is Lowe's, anyway?
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Re: U.S. Commercials on radio streams
« Reply #2 on: 01:25:37 | 15 March, 2017 »
Lowe's is a big-box home improvement chain of stores.
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