Author Topic: Small Ads : YOU MUST READ THIS BEFORE POSTING OR RESPONDING  (Read 6198 times)

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This is a place for members to advertise personal surplus internet radio equipment, media servers, provide links to eBay, repair services, etc.

Manufacturers, commercial broadcasters and service providers may not use this service.

Material must be directly associated with internet radio and related ancillary equipment and services. Ads or links for other equipment, TVs, personal services, etc, etc, will not be permitted and will be removed at once. The Admin's decision is final.

Transactions must be in accordance with all National, State and Federal Laws as they apply. 

Neither the forum nor administrator shall assume any responsibility whatsoever for items or links offered here, nor for any ensuing disputes between board members.

Users of this facility must be aware that they do so at their own risk, and take proper precautions when handling merchandise and/or payments.

All transactions are between you and the seller or buyer. The Internet Radio Forum is not responsible for you losing money or you not getting the item or service you purchased.

Use a safe and trackable means of payment such as PayPal or other similar service.

Advertisers should include the item name in the Subject.

Responders may post questions regarding the ad but should make offers via PM.

OPs should indicate when an offer has been finalised or closed.

An administrator or moderator will remove the thread when complete.
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