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Revo Firmware Update
« on: 06:57:04 | 18 August, 2017 »
Yesterday my Revo PiXiS RX updated its software. My Revo PiXiS RX s/w is now on V.2.11.15c.EX68980-2RC7. Found these details on the Revo Technologies Facebook site:-

Revo Technologies
11 August at 10:02 ยท
Software Update - Revo PiXiS RX
As many of you will already be aware, we have recently released new software for your Revo PiXiS RX.
As with the SuperConnect release earlier in the month this latest update is a housekeeping exercise that serves to consolidate the new features brought to your radio in our previous update. As such, memory usage has been further optimised, improving the general operating performance of your device. Furthermore, the Spotify Connect feature has been updated to the very latest Spotify software development kit to improve the user experience. Your radio will now also be running the latest internet radio software from our technology partner Frontier Silicon (IR2.11.15) which will improve playback from internet sources and especially D.A.S.H. content. Unfortunately as part of the update some radios may lose internet radio presets depending on which of the previous software versions you are updating from. We understand that this is an inconvenient side effect but unfortunately it is a necessary evil, and it does allow your radio to access the very latest station list, increasing the number of stations and podcasts available to it.
Happy listening from all @ Revo.
P.S. For our SuperSystem owners, the above update will be coming to your radios over the next few days.
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