Author Topic: Alexa: Published my first Skill  (Read 775 times)

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Alexa: Published my first Skill
« on: 02:25:45 | 23 May, 2018 »
Wasn't very hard - but only because I found a couple of snippets from elsewhere that helped.

The biggest issue for someone writing from scratch is that to get the skill published when not using Amazon Lambda you need to build your own certificate validation. I found some code elsewhere and it gave me what I needed.

If you don't want to publish it then you also do not have to validate the certificate.

Mine is to play an internet radio station that I am involved with - Dandelion Radio

My guess is that the musical choices might not work for many here ... but you never know.

It goes a bit beyond simply allowing the user to play the stream because that can be done via the Alexa's built-in TuneIn integration.
So - you can ask what the current show is (and get the show summary) and what song is playing (and get artist biography if one is available).
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