Author Topic: WBZ AM Boston no longer available on my Tangent Quattro (Reciva Powered)???  (Read 51 times)


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After years of enjoying the talk radio from WBZ in Boston though my Tangent Quattro Internet Radio, I'm sad to say I'm doing without!  Withdrawal is a real hard thing!! 
I've been told, but don't know for sure, that WBZ is now on I Heart Radio, and that I could go out and buy an I Heart capable internet instrument to replace my Tangent.  But before I do, I'm hoping someone out there reads this and can tell me that that is or is NOT the only solution to my problem.  Maybe there's a workaround of some sort or maybe I can upgrade the software on my Quattro (it's about 10 years old). 

Lots of "maybes" and "ifs"......

Tommy in Baton Rouge