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Latest n00b on the block!
« on: 08:18:02 | 18 January, 2017 »
Hi all. I'm new to this site and to wifi radios in general.

I knew this (wifi/internet radio) was what I wanted, I just didn't know the right search term to look for. I didn't know what they were called when I started my search. I 'just' entered the world of internet radios and I am a complete n00b with regard to them, though I'm not a technological caveman by any means, so I'll be working out the glitches on using my Grace Digital Encore to work the way I wanted.

When I started my search, I found that I had three main criteria:
1. I needed to have decent volume because I'm a bit hard of hearing and the radio may not reside in the same room that I'm in at the time.
2. I have a large MP3/music collection and want it to be able to play my own personal music collection.
3. I needed it to play internet radio stations (I didn't realize when I started that was a common feature).

I did some research and found very little that met my needs. I knew of the Bose Wave Radio (who doesn't), but I've always thought Bose were overpriced, so I was searching for a cheaper alternative.  I ended up stumbling across the brand new Como Audio radios and bought one on Amazon.

The Como turned out to disappoint a bit. It had a lot of advanced features like blue tooth streaming and such, but it seemed I had problems with every single feature I tried to get working. The usb was limited to a smaller size, the UPnP wasn't working, streaming from my laptop wasn't working. I worked diligently with a great tech support person for weeks, but in the end we both gave up and I sent it back.

While I was having the Como issues, I found the right search term and realized that there were many more devices in realm of what I was looking for than just the Como Audio, so I researched them. I then bought the Grace Digital Encore.

I have that now and am finding a few limitations with it as well, but I still think it probably meets the needs I want more than anything else. The USB didn't work the way I wanted, so now I'm working on setting it up for UPnP to play my music. The gmote app is pretty buggy (hoping that may change).

Anyway...that's more or less who I am. Glad to be here and learn how this world of Internet Radios works.
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Re: Latest n00b on the block!
« Reply #1 on: 12:44:12 | 20 January, 2017 »
We love getting feedback from customers and former customers, positive or negative, especially since its free. The fact that we take the time to search for comments on the web and respond should clearly demonstrate how seriously we take our service. Not many companies bother to do that, especially small start ups like ourselves with limited resources.

Although we are not in the habit of publicly sizing ourselves up against the competition, since a specific brand and model was called out, we feel it quite fair and reasonable to respond very specifically. Here is just a partial list of some things that separate our products and company from the named model: (1) Our stereo model is a true two-way loudspeaker housed in a nearly 1/2" thick MDF wood case with  tweeters and custom, 4-layer voice coil woofers. (2) Our products support multi-room for whole-house sound. (3) Our products feature one-touch any preset and the unit automatically powers on and tunes to that preset. (4) You can save sources to presets as well as stations, meaning Bluetooth, Auxiliary, and Spotify can each become presets. (5) Our stereo model is 60WPC vs. their stereo model at 12WPC. (6) Our models use an internal universal power supply with a detachable power cord and can be powered anywhere in the world...theirs use an external adapter.  (7)  We took the time and great expense to obtain UL certification on our models. This is not required, but it reassures our customers that our products meet or exceed UL performance and safety standards. Any company can claim that, but we spent the money to prove it and have the right to use the UL logo. (8) Our products allow you to save a virtually unlimited number of Internet stations to Favorites, not just 100. (9) Our products are backed by a two year warranty not 1 year. (10) Our products support aptX and NFC for great sounding Bluetooth and ease of pairing. (11) Outside of the display window, we don't use any plastic parts on the front of our models, and frankly, we think our models look more elegant. (12) We try to provide superior customer service and support. We'll leave it to others to comment on other companies.
These are just some of the differences. We could go on.
We have nothing against the competition. Consumers are free to buy what they want and say what they want. We just wanted to present a view from a different angle.

To be clear, we are not putting any blame on the customer. This was not a case of "user error". We honestly acknowledged there was an issue. We agreed to take the product back even if it is was beyond the window of our return policy. If I recall correctly, we also offered to do an exchange at no cost. We won't know if this would have improved the issue or not because that offer was declined.  The fact that the customer continues to experience issues with a completely different model raises the question if there isn't something else going on. In any event, all we can say is we have sold thousands of units and this experience was atypical.
We also recently received a fantastic review from the on-line edition of Sound & Vision magazine, the country's most popular audio/video enthusiast magazine. Obviously, we would never expect a customer to keep a product if it didn't work as it should or they decided it wasn't for them. What we do expect is that we provide great support and take every action to try to make things right. We sincerely want satisfied customers and if anyone ever has questions or issues they should never hesitate to reach out to us at and we will do our best to help!

The customer has admitted his new model also isn't completely performing to his expectations, so perhaps there are other issues going on. The bottom line is we would never expect a customer to keep a product if it didn't work as it should, but we felt we provided great support and took every action to try to make things right, and it has been our experience that is a rare thing to encounter with many businesses today.


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Re: Latest n00b on the block!
« Reply #2 on: 13:43:29 | 20 January, 2017 »
Those are nice looking radios.  Does Como ever plan on making a tuner?  I liked the Tivoli radio passed on to me from my dad.
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Re: Latest n00b on the block!
« Reply #3 on: 04:20:26 | 21 January, 2017 »
@kingtermite welcome!

Welcome to all new forum members.

It's especially useful when a manufacturer - @comoaudio - takes the time to respond in this forum.

If there is any further information or discussion about Como radios, please continue in the appropriate section in the Hardware and Firmware area.

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