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Rense Radio network
« on: 16:00:15 | 31 January, 2017 »
Im hoping someone can help.
  Rense Radio Network (  constantly shows connecting, but never does on my WFR-20, this has been since Sunday.
The  Reciva page shows it passes the stream test daily, and stream id is:  Reciva ID: 11418. If I can get a working link to put in my streams, I can listen and I will contact Reciva to update the link.


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Re: Rense Radio network
« Reply #1 on: 23:10:30 | 31 January, 2017 »
This station works on my Frontier-based Roberts radio; it's streaming MP3 at 56kbps, coding rate 24.0 kHz (low quality, but sufficient for a talk station). Since there is no AAC+ problem, it ought to work on Reciva radios.


The website is full of links to stories which sound very questionable (British understatement). Examples:

"Muslims Murdered 2.4m Hindus, Raped 200,000 In 1971"

"Endless Islamic Murder List - 600 Million in 1200 Years"

"Islamic Invasion Of India - Greatest Genocide In History"

"Political Islamic Double Talk Lies And Hate Explained"

"Islam Is Not A Religion Of Peace"

"Political Islam Has Subjugated Civilizations For 1,400 Years"

Unless this is a massive send-up, it is quite offensive. It borders on incitement to ethnic, racial and religeous hatred, which is illegal in several countries, including the UK. I have not listened enough to the station to see if it follows the theme of the website.
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Re: Rense Radio network
« Reply #2 on: 02:07:55 | 01 February, 2017 »
My Reciva radio (Avox TMA1) plays the station fine and reports it as a 64kbps MP3 stream. However I could not bear listening for more than a few minutes.