Author Topic: Problems to listen to same stations with the same radio at two different places)  (Read 1157 times)


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we use two starry7 (dm tech) internetradios. One is working with a fast Internetconnection (DSL 16000) and the other one with quite slow Internet (DSL 1000).
With slow internet it seems not to work, we canĀ“t listen to some stations we can with the other radio. The radio is always trying to reload the station. What could be the reason for that problem? We can listen to all staions form one place and form the other place is not possible.
We life in Germany.

Thanks for your answers and help!



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Remember that when Telekom say DSL1000, they mean 'up to' 1000 - it could well be less, so I am not surprised that some stations are rebuffering often at that rate. Have you noticed if it happens especially with stations that have a high bitrate? Are there any other internet devices using that connection?

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