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Streaming FLAC on a Roberts WM201
« on: 03:56:10 | 29 September, 2012 »
Hi all,

I recently bought a Roberts WM201 and on the first day I had it, I was streaming FLAC nicely from my Linux server running Twonky. Since I upgraded to the latest firmware (v257-a-756-a-164-a-002) it no longer works - the unit resets itself after playing 3 or 4 tracks. I have tried upgrading to the beta firmware, but that was so flaky (i.e. resetting the unit every 30 seconds) that I quickly downgraded it again. I have tried using Windows shares, which sort of works but has trouble handling a large collection and has trouble switching between shares (No media content found after scanning the folder). Finally, I tried installing Serviio on Windows, but that does the same as with Twonky.

Does anyone have positive experience of streaming on this firmware? Is there any way of reverting back to the original firmware? Also, I could not believe how bad the beta firmware was - is it likely that this is actually a hardware problem or is the beta firmware really that bad?

Thanks is advance for any responses.

Alan E Hill

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Re: Streaming FLAC on a Roberts WM201
« Reply #1 on: 04:27:16 | 29 September, 2012 »
I have the very similar Sangean WFR-20. I would think that if you're finding the beta firmware "bad" then I think you're experiencing additional problems.

Having said that I rarely use my Sangeans for playing music directly from my NAS, since navigating a 1Tb library is fairly trying, and there have been been other issues, but not those you describe. However, it will play my ShoutCast stream fairly faultlessly, although, of course, it is transcoded to a high-rate .mp3, but this isn't perceptible via the WFR-20 as compared to playing .flacs.

Sorry this isn't that helpful, but it might indicate where your issues actually stem from.
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Re: Streaming FLAC on a Roberts WM201
« Reply #2 on: 06:46:21 | 29 September, 2012 »
My WM-201 is running the beta firmware very happily, I don't have any issues. Like Alan I rarely use the WM-201 to play .flacs over the network (I am using the Playback server on an iMac with my music library stored on an attached 2TB hard drive) but I will give it a go this weekend. The only issue that I discovered is that the Roberts is unable to play 24-bit .flacs (the Avox Indio Color and TMA-1 have no problems with this).