Author Topic: Time problems, Roberts WM201  (Read 1062 times)


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Time problems, Roberts WM201
« on: 02:45:13 | 02 January, 2013 »
Early morning, New Year's Eve, I had a rude awakening by Radio 4 at 3:40AM, I think  >:(

The alarm was not set for that time.  When I checked, the radio seemed to be indicating the correct time, but the date was 1st Jan 2013, when it was really still 31st Dec 2012.  So I'm concluding that the time for the radio suddenly changed and it "thought" that the alarm time had passed and the alarm needed to sound.  The "Reset time" option at that time did not set the date correctly.  This morning, the alarm failed to sound at the usual time - checked the date and it was correct.  "Reset time" again and the date / time are now set correctly.  So fingers crossed for a correct alarm tomorrow morning. 

Did anyone else experience anything similar? Just wondering if the Reciva ntp server had an issue.  TIA