Author Topic: Beta a-476 ultimate slowdown in upnp search  (Read 1183 times)


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Beta a-476 ultimate slowdown in upnp search
« on: 01:13:21 | 11 June, 2011 »
My avox and dnt devices are equipped with the reciva beta a-476.

A search for an upnp device in my sub lan 192.168.1. took up to 10 minutes until the devicename are found by the radios. The device is a dns-323 with alt-f, it offers his stationname in standbymode and turns up by the scan normally.

Connected with noxon-360 or vlc on a pc the dns-323 fires up and is ready to serve.

With reciva beta it was NOT scanned when the radio displays a scan, after 10 minutes the name appears. So there is a bug in the upnp scan method in a-476
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Re: Beta a-476 ultimate slowdown in upnp search
« Reply #1 on: 01:49:22 | 11 June, 2011 »
You could revert to the latest non-beta. In fact, I briefly tested the beta on my Avox Petites some time ago, but did not see any advantages that the latest official firmware did not offer. In fact, there was something that was broken when the beta was installed, unfortunately I cannot remember what it was, maybe something with UPnP or using the Reciva Remote app (which also uses UPnP). So my Petites are now running on non-beta again.