Author Topic: new urls for Israeli state stations  (Read 336 times)


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new urls for Israeli state stations
« on: 01:13:57 | 13 June, 2017 »
A recent rearrangement discontinued the former broadcasting authority (IBA,, creating a new one (KAN). The former streams vanished, the new official authority website supplies chunked proprietary streams, unsuitable for reciva.

However, I found out that one streaming url was recently added, that for KAN 88 (previously 88FM), Reciva ID: 58642. Checking where this points to,, I find that there seem to be many more which could be added to the list:

*xpsf streams aside of *.m3u are available as well, and I can play them on my laptop.

As a matter of fact, I note that the stored url for 88FM misses an extension (.m3u or .xspf); however, even adding it, I'm not able to play it on my sharpfinned TangentQuattro. Wouldn't be surprised at all that this is a newer codec issue, and that others can play the streams.