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Re: Virgin Media Superhub!!
« Reply #15 on: 11:05:20 | 10 March, 2013 »
Thanks for the replies guys.. :)
IR100's....OXX Digital...IRMA1...BT internet radio....Freecom Musicpal(v.tuner)...tranciva (frontier silicon)... Acoustic Solutions Net008..Roberts stream 83i... No reason at all why I need so many...and now a Pure One Flow so I again can listen to BBC Listen Again.Also have Zettaly Avy

Becky T

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Re: Virgin Media Superhub!!
« Reply #16 on: 00:35:42 | 22 November, 2013 »
Hi Guys

Me again :D

I had to have a new Superhub as the bit where the cable goes in snapped off!  Anyway since then a week or two ago I can't get the Radio working again.  This time I set the speed to 54mps from the start but no luck.  The radio is saying "no networks found" could it be any of the other settings in the router?

What should the security settings be set to please?  I just wondered if it might be those?