Author Topic: Acessing Windows 7 music folders using BTIinternet Radio  (Read 1547 times)


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Acessing Windows 7 music folders using BTIinternet Radio
« on: 12:26:56 | 07 December, 2013 »
Just upgraded to Windows 7. Can't access my music any more using Windows Shares as the radio insists on me entring a login and password. When I enter the Windows 7 login and passwords it asks for them again.
Having enjoyed playing my media on the radio from my old WinXP machine for years, I am missing the access to my music files which are on an external HDD connected via USB to my Windows 7 machine which is wirelessly connected to my network.

I have enabled file and printer sharing
I have put the radio IP address into my firewall
I have put the Windows 7 machine into a Homegroup and my home network functions.
I can see my computer name on the radio under windows shares, and can access another computer running XP
I have made the relevant folder on the Windows 7 shared and also put it into my Public Music folder
I have set the Windows 7 machine to NOT require a password for streamed media
Windows 7 can see the radio as a wireless device.

What else can I do other than throw the radio at the wall?

Many thanks
Fed up owner of a BT Internet Radio/doorstop