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The Times on Reciva
« on: 04:42:58 | 17 October, 2020 »
I tried listening to The Times Radio on a Reciva based radio.  The search menu on the radio quickly found it and it buffered up to 100% no problem with the display showing 128 kbps MP3.  However the audio is garbled, broken up and with frequent buffering.  The radio is working fine on other stations.

Anyone else having success?


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Re: The Times on Reciva
« Reply #1 on: 05:36:54 | 17 October, 2020 »
Times Radio (https://radios.reciva.com/station/72063) is playing absolutely fine on the Avox Grand and the Avox TMA1. But on the Avox Petite which has an older firmware the sound is garbled. So it seems your firmware is to blame.


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Re: The Times on Reciva
« Reply #2 on: 13:01:23 | 17 October, 2020 »
Times Radio doesn't play on my Sonoro either....distorted sound (firmware v257-a-865-a-476)


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Re: The Times on Reciva
« Reply #3 on: 13:30:18 | 04 October, 2021 »
As I mentioned in another post, I managed to track down what the issue is.
Unfortunately, if the stream has a sample rate of 48000 Hz, you get distorted audio or it keeps buffering or you get the message stream ended.
When the sample rate is 44100 Hz everything is fine.

So you are saying that there are reciva devices that do not have an issue with this???  ???
Maybe we could do some more research and find out which devices (firmware) don't have an issue.
My tangent quattro sadly doesn't cope with those streams.
Firmware version v257-a-865-a-197-a-002


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Re: The Times on Reciva
« Reply #4 on: 14:53:44 | 04 October, 2021 »
If I recall the 48KHz problem was solved by the v265 firmware.
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