Author Topic: Roberts WM-201 + Google Chromecast Audio combo  (Read 74 times)


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Roberts WM-201 + Google Chromecast Audio combo
« on: 04:22:14 | 05 October, 2021 »
Anyone interested to take my WM-201 off my hands? It is physically in perfect order, except that the internet radio function has been severely crippled (thank you Reciva/Qualcomm). However in combination with a Google Chromecast Audio plugged into the AUX-IN port the internet radio functionality has been fully restored. All you need is a smartphone or tablet with a radio app like e.g. installed and you can tune into thousands of radio stations and podcasts just like the old Reciva service used to offer. Spotify, Amazon Music, BBC Sounds and other apps that support Chromecast also work well. Casting from a computer on the same wireless LAN is also possible. (Needless to say that the Chromecast Audio will obviously work with any powered speaker or stereo system, not just the WM-201.)

I am looking for a new home for the WM-201 + Chromecast Audio combination, mainly because my internet radio listening needs are now met by a newly purchased Grace Mondo Elite (although its mono sound quality is nowhere near as good as that of the WM-201). Any reasonable offers?