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Como Audio AMICO
« on: 06:56:52 | 11 January, 2018 »
Well, I finally took a decision…

As I have said in my introductory post last November, several years after my first purchase of an internet radio, and with the experience gained through all this time, I thought that it was time to replace it with another one that fulfilled not only the requirements of the previous one (my intention then was, fundamentally , to be able to listen to stations from other countries through the internet) but additional ones, among them (and at least) the following:
• Portable, with all that it means: easily transportable, mains or battery operated (with internal, rechargeable battery), and WiFi connectivity, ideally in the 5 GHz band.
• Possibility of receiving local broadcasting stations without having an internet connection, at least in FM and, if possible, also in DAB / DAB +.
• Possibility of connecting a supplementary speaker to be able to listen to music in stereo when using it at home as a desktop equipment.
• Power enough to listen to the music with an acceptable volume without appreciable distortion.
• Robust construction, nice appearance and not excessive price.

Under these premises I started a detailed search through different portals and internet forums, and finally I elaborated a list of candidate devices, which headed a new Como Audio product named Amico. And after reading the still few reviews that I could find about it, I decided to buy it and to share here my first impressions about this product.

Well, once installed (in mono version, as the supplementary speaker called Amica will not be available until March), I have to say the following:
• The design is fantastic, the construction excellent and the sound exceptional for a device of its dimensions (the amplifier supplies 30 W RMS per channel).
• The configuration is simple, making it possible to create a list of favorites through the Frontier Silicon portal (once the device has been registered) that is automatically transferred to the radio. However, it is not possible to modify through this portal the order in which the stations appear on the list according to the user’s tastes (or at least I have not been able of doing so), which is quite frustrating.
• The control of the device can be done directly through its physical buttons, the (simple) supplied remote control or by means of an smartphone  application.
• It also has other connectivity facilities from external sources (auxiliary, USB, Bluetooth), multi-room, streaming, etc., which I have not yet experienced enough because it is not a priority for me.

The only thing I miss is an application that would also allow controlling the device through a PC in a similar way as it can be done from a smartphone, although this can be developed later on. Another desirable future enhancement could be the extension of the single “touch-bank” of six presets to three banks, one for each of the three radio modes (Internet, FM and DAB).

In summary: Magnificent small great equipment for domestic use, and of high quality. I also ordered the supplementary speaker Amica that I imagine will contribute to improve significantly the already good subjective sound quality.

BTW, for @Dogmatix statistics, the firmware version of this Como Audio Amico is: ir-mmi-FS2026-0500-0489_V2.11.16c.EX69641-1A37.
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Re: Como Audio AMICO
« Reply #1 on: 02:49:35 | 12 January, 2018 »
It's good to know there are still dedicated internet radio devices being developed.

This one definitely sounds promising.
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Re: Como Audio AMICO
« Reply #2 on: 05:00:09 | 12 January, 2018 »
Looks nice. If my Avox Indio Petite bedside radio ever dies, the Amico would be a suitable replacement. I like the small footprint (like that of the Petite) but not the price here in the UK: £449.00 although the Amico has several useful features that are missing in the Petite (eg, DAB/DAB+, FM, BT, USB input, works with 2.4/5GHz routers, presumably better sound quality).


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Re: Como Audio AMICO
« Reply #3 on: 05:54:25 | 12 January, 2018 »
Like the other Como radios, the Amiico is a good looking unit. They are, however, very expensive. For that price, I expect a decent remote control (like the one Hama equip even their cheaper radios with - direct mode selection buttons, ten preset buttons, etc) and I expect a decent number of presets - 6 just doesn't cut it for me, especially as it costs no more to have, say, 30 (like Hama) or 40 (like Roberts) for each mode. The other features (Spotify, BT DAB, FM, Aux etc) are standard FS features from which brands can choose which to offer their customers.

Pity we don't have a Sharpfin-like tool to get into the configurations of FS-based radios!

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Re: Como Audio AMICO
« Reply #4 on: 07:48:27 | 12 January, 2018 »
I like it.  I wouldn't pay that much myself, and I've come to like Chromecast built-in in a radio, but it is a handsome thing.

If anyone wishes to send me a gift, however, I'd be happy to see at Hama DIT 2010 tuner.
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