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New Member, long time lurker
« on: 10:42:14 | 15 December, 2016 »
I have 2 radios - the C.Crane and now Ocean Digital WR80. This site has been invaluable to me over the years in adding stations to my lists. I've found URLs that enabled me to add stations such as WBZ 1030 in Boston that were otherwise unavailable. The OC is my newest radio - much as I like the Crane, I couldn't justify the $77 price difference on for what's basically the same radio. I opted for the WR80 due to its Ethernet capability which their other radios lack, mostly for its quick "on" and not having to reset my password. The OC is a a bit fiddly to set up but their customer service to an add station request is amazing - overnight! 

I now have my Crane as my kitchen radio. No more electrical hum and station drop off when our local AM station drops power at sundown. This is a major annoyance this time of year in a Canadian city with our short hours of daylight.

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Re: New Member, long time lurker
« Reply #1 on: 06:36:53 | 18 December, 2016 »
Welcome Mr Crane!

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