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VOA Stations & Podcasts
« on: 03:51:52 | 17 September, 2017 »
I am trying to listen to VOA (Voice of America) News on my Stream93i.

I found the following in a post:-
The URL of VOA Global Live is
So I created a new Station in the Frontier Silicon Radio Portal with this URL, but my Stream93i does not connect to this new Station and crashes!

Searching VOA Stations in the Frontier Silicon Radio Portal reveals the following Stations:-
VOA Afrique
VOA Mali - Bamako 102 FM
VOA RCA - Bangui 101.7 FM   
VOA South Sudan 93.5 FM
VOA1 - The Hits
VOAR 1210 AM
WVOA 87.7
No International  News Stations are listed.

Searching for VOA Podcasts Reveals 17 Podcasts of which the following 4 are classified as News:-
VOA American CafĂ©   
VOA Encounter   
VOA Issues in the News
VOA International Edition
All 4 of them play fine in the Frontier Silicon Radio Portal.

So I added the above 4 Podcasts to "My Favourites" and attempted to play them on my Stream93i. They are all displayed correctly, but my Stream93i is unable to connect to any of them. Moreover attempting to play any of them crashes my radio!

Am I doing something wrong?  Is it a problem with the Frontier Silicon Radio database?  Is it a problem with my Stream93 i?  Is anyone able to play a VOA Podcast on a Stream93i?



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Re: VOA Stations & Podcasts
« Reply #1 on: 00:35:46 | 20 September, 2017 »
Well it appears that VoA Podcasts are encrypted for security as denoted by their URLs beginning with https:// rather than the usual http://, and it appears that certain Internet radios, including Reciva and Frontier Silicon based radios like the Roberts Stream93i, can not play them. See:-

I think it is has been known for a long time that Reciva based radios cannot handle https. 

And now perhaps we can add to that hoary knowledge this information that Frontier Silicon radios can't handle https either.

So, that leaves two courses of action here:

1. Contact Roberts and ask them to lean on Frontier to solve the problem of https streams generally

2. Contact VoA and let them know that by using https, they are cutting off lots and lots of Recive and Frontier users (why does a podcast need https anyway?)

Be interesting to see how this develops.


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Re: VOA Stations & Podcasts
« Reply #2 on: 23:39:40 | 02 October, 2017 »
I have found a VoA News Stream that is unencrypted and plays on my Roberts Stream93i !
The URL is


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