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Title: "Ulango.TV" app on Amazon Fire TV
Post by: Keenite on 14:36:43 | 28 January, 2017
Just ran into this app, which I installed via Assume it is also available via
It offers a dizzying array of live TV streams from around the world. Free 7-day trial and only €12 for 3 months, €36/year.
Haven't yet tested the streams in terms of video quality and stability, but the sheer number of stations available is mind-boggling.
Appears to only be available via Amazon.
Free account available at
Title: Re: "Ulango.TV" app on Amazon Fire TV
Post by: castalla on 15:11:05 | 28 January, 2017
Restricted Skandi channels ....
Title: Re: "Ulango.TV" app on Amazon Fire TV
Post by: Keenite on 00:39:34 | 29 January, 2017
Restricted Skandi channels ....
Did you select the 'free 1-week trial"?
While I have only one Norwegian, nearly all Swedish and Danish channels, including premium ones, in addition to 2 Icelanders and 2 Finns.
The interface is not very good and I have the impression that the offered channels change often. Still, runs relatively stable and lists of favorites can be created on the website.
Title: Re: "Ulango.TV" app on Amazon Fire TV
Post by: Keenite on 01:21:29 | 29 January, 2017
Just took the time to scroll through the various countries. Europe is well represented, so anyone wishing to watch UK, Irish, French, German, Italian, Swiss, Portuguese etc. channels outside Europe should be happy with what is on offer. UK selection is quite good and not a few premium channels to boot.
A mixed bag for the US. Many streams don't work or were poorly chosen, e.g. several premium channels are from Mexico in Spanish.
Only four uninteresting channels for Austalia, a country that is indeed hard to find functioning streams for.
Most streams are of acceptable video quality, but few in HD as far as I can tell. Most channels connect, though often only after 20 seconds or so.
While this app is offered officially by Amazon I am not sure of its legality, which is why the relatively low cost and non-obligatory nature of subscription is a good thing, just in case it is at some point removed for whatever reason.
Title: Re: "Ulango.TV" app on Amazon Fire TV
Post by: castalla on 01:53:50 | 29 January, 2017
Shambolic design - painful to use! 

It stops/starts on almost all channels I tried

Can't see SVT2, SVT24 on list

Title: Re: "Ulango.TV" app on Amazon Fire TV
Post by: Keenite on 03:28:07 | 29 January, 2017
The streams offered seem to change hourly. The selection of Scandanavian streams is indeed limited, beyond what is readily available on Kodi there is Kanal4, Viasat Film/Series/Film Hits,  TVF3, TV4 (poor video quality). It does allow you to add your own streams.
The only practical way to use it on a daily basis would be to create playlists. On the website you can select streams that are "Very Stable Only" to appear in the list, presumably fewer breaks with them. Here some instructions "Your playlists are empty - please go to the Channel Explorer and mark your favorite channels by clicking one of the numbers 1-3 to add them to the respective playlist. We will select the best stream for you. You may give feedback on the performance of a stream directly from the UlangTV App. "
Some channels are erroneously named, e.g. "CBC News" is in reality a cartoon channel.
Title: Re: "Ulango.TV" app on Amazon Fire TV
Post by: castalla on 03:49:57 | 29 January, 2017
I'm getting too old and grumpy to bother with all the fuss to get a channel - as a free offering. it's okay.  But not worth any cash, however small.