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Title: Subscribing to Podcasts
Post by: Malc on 00:48:24 | 22 May, 2019
When I play a saved Podcast from the Preset menu the episode played is the one saved.
What I want is for the latest episode to play automatically.
I believe to make that happen I have to Subscribe to the Podcast. How do I do that?
I am using a Roberts Stream 93i.
Title: Re: Subscribing to Podcasts
Post by: steve1475 on 07:35:44 | 23 May, 2019
That is a problem with the current Frontier Silicon portal. I see the same behavior on the Sangean WFR-28. The only way to access a different episode is to do a new search for the podcast. However, there is a new glorious statement on the FS website:

“Based on customer feedback we are working to add Favourites and Personal Streams into the new service. Please bear with us for a few weeks while we develop and test this functionality.”

When we get “Favourites” back saving a podcast to a folder and then selecting it will bring up all available episodes. That is the function I've missed the most.