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Title: Daylight Saving Time (ends today in Europe)
Post by: Dogmatix on 02:41:42 | 27 October, 2019
A problem with Frontier-based internet radios is that they do not change their clocks automatically when daylight saving time starts or end, if they are set to update the time from the network (unlike the old Reciva-based internet radios, which had the various local DST rules in the firmware - and thus got confused when countries changed their rules). The only way to get Frontier radios to change automatically is to set them to update the time from DAB (in those internet radios that have DAB, that is).

This is what I did after the last change. I set all my internet radios to update from DAB. This morning, however, I found that whilst most of the radios picked up the end of DST automatically, some others had mysteriously switched back to update from network, and thus missed the time change. None of them have had software updates or been reset, so I am puzzled as to how this happened. Maybe if a radio is hardly ever used on DAB (as is the case with my radios), some radios decide to reset the time update to network, could that be it? In the words of Microsoft, 'it's not a bug, it's a feature'?
Title: Re: Daylight Saving Time (ends today in Europe)
Post by: Solo2 on 07:46:13 | 28 October, 2019
My Grace Digital tuner declared daylight savings time over and fell back, as well.  Daylight time doesn't end here until November 3rd.  I never figured out why it does that and decided to "graciously" accept it although none of my other Grace radios gets the time change date wrong.