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« on: 13:00:53 | 11 February, 2016 »
Hi all

As you've probably heard, Live365 have closed down.

We'll be removing the menu items from Reciva-based radios next week.

This shouldn't cause any problems, but you may see a temporary error "no privilege to run this service" if you try to play from an old preset, or your radio boots up to a Live365 station. Simply over-writing the preset, or selecting a new station to play, will solve this issue.

Any more problems please email us, or comment below. I'll check back here once we've made the changes to make sure all is OK.

Views my own, not my previous employer's. I'll help where I can but this is not an official support channel.


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Re: Live365
« Reply #1 on: 15:59:44 | 18 February, 2016 »
Live365 was still on the menu this morning (UK time) but it isn't there now.


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Re: Live365
« Reply #2 on: 11:49:46 | 29 October, 2016 »
I've found interesting thing:

Just look on their site:
"Live365 will be right back"
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Re: Live365
« Reply #3 on: 13:36:31 | 29 October, 2016 »
RAIN had an article about it in August
and one of the commenters said that looks like is behind it (domain owner)
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