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Internet radio / alarm / USB MP3 player device
« on: 10:09:52 | 14 August, 2017 »

I'm trying to find a nice-looking, but simple unit for my daughter who's going to boarding school. At home, she has a really good Logitech Radio unit. Really good because it just works, lets her choose from our library of music on the server, etc. Our entire music collection is in MP3 and is NOT arranged by artificially naming directories and files, but by very carefully using correct MP3 ID3 tagging.

So - what I'm now trying to find is a unit she can use such that I can copy a part of our music collection (unchanged) onto a USB stick that she can plug in to the new unit and listen to either radio or to something on the USB stick, but searched and sorted by the proper tags.

For some really perverse reason, most units seem to do their sorting alphanumerically. I have no problem with that being an OPTION, but I really want to be able to have this by MP3 ID3 tags.

So - anyone know of any decent units (self-contained, etc.) to look at? I'm NOT looking for phone or tablet-based solutions. I want click & play type units.