Author Topic: Why is access code continuously changing?  (Read 287 times)


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Why is access code continuously changing?
« on: 07:13:45 | 04 March, 2019 »
I have an issue with one of my two internet radio's.
The best is to split the isue and my questions in two different topics.

Of course you need the access code for registering the internet radio. I did that many years ago for my NAD C446.
What surprises me is that an access code is still available, but that it changes continuously. It even changes during a listening session.

Recently I tried my second internet radio to synchronize with the NAD, and I used the access code given by that radio many years ago. Synchronizing succeeded, but with an internet radio I did not know. The MAC number did not correspond to one of my devices. Of course I unsynchronized this device. But I think that some user in the world was surprised to see a completely unknown favourites list appearing.

So can anybody clarify what the role of the access code is (after successful registration)?


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Re: Why is access code continuously changing?
« Reply #1 on: 08:51:28 | 04 March, 2019 »
Moin! Or rather: Dag!

I believe that when you request an access code on the radio, it 'phones home' and requests a code from the server. This code is then valid for a time - I don't know how long, but probably only for a an hour or so (to give the user time for several attempts, in case of connection problems or mis-typing the code).

I have sometimes found a 'phantom' radio on my account, or the appearance of stations (Norwegian, usually) that I did not add. What you said about using old access codes might explain that.
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