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Sangean owners:
« on: 19:21:43 | 09 May, 2019 »
Please message Sangean of their Facebook page to let them know that this poor excuse for station service is totally unsatisfactory.


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Re: Sangean owners:
« Reply #1 on: 23:30:16 | 09 May, 2019 »
Not just Sangean - all FS brands (Roberts, Revo, Goodmans, Technisat, Hama, Auna, Como, Paloma, LaMega, Numan, Pure etc. etc. & so 4th) should informed of our opinion of the loss of features, by way of Facebook, Twitter, support tickets, telephone, e-mail, snail mail, whatever. We need our brands to put pressure on FS to come up with ways & means to restore lost functions.

I take it you've seen this thread:
Radios in use: Roberts Stream 93i & SB1 (×2),  Revo Pixis RX, Hama DIT2010, IR110 & DIR3500, Technisat 520, Sangean WFR-29C.


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Re: Sangean owners:
« Reply #2 on: 10:17:12 | 11 May, 2019 »
I wish I could understand is it cost and in what way what is the point of having a site you can’t chose stations and you can’t sync you're radios.
I have noticed some stations are missing which I know you can get them re-added by summiting a request.
I have emailed the German company who made my tuner (Hama) to see what they think of it, is REVO involved because when I email an engineer I know I get an Blurb auto response, they should be putting pressure on chipset manufacturer I have 3 Revo axis all three models cut off in their prime :'(
I also noticed REVO have removed the listings off eBay for their Wi-Fi Pico which has been up there fore months, I have a Pico WiFi but it uses the reciva chipset / site but the later PICO Radio Station (these are battery radios by the way) that is of cause effected.
Maybe we should get the court of Human Rights involved or maybe not ;D