Author Topic: FS Modification?  (Read 334 times)


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FS Modification?
« on: 05:26:17 | 18 May, 2019 »
Is there a possibility to extract and open the firmware of FS Radio? I have 2 DIT 2000. New portal is more then bad.. And I wrote 2015 FS some ideas to make the firmware better, but they didnĀ“t solved them.
I would try to modificate the webacces, some time ago I made database copy of vPortal. Maybe I could modificate the web access site so that we could insert the url-adresses manually. Nmap scan show some port open:


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Re: FS Modification?
« Reply #1 on: 07:09:36 | 18 May, 2019 »
I hesitate to say impossible but I would rate the probability of successfully accomplishing what you suggest as extremely low.