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Mosac150 bricked
« on: 04:51:07 | 05 August, 2012 »
Recently my Mosac150 died on me - it started up as normal and then hung on the 'updating stations' phase. After about an hour I unplugged the power lead and plugged it back in after a few seconds. The display was absolutely blank, not even the dimmed clock that you would normally see.

I thought it might be the power supply - luckily I have another Mosac150 so I tried it in that and it worked, so it's definitely a problem with the first radio. Is it beyond saving or can it be re-flashed in some way?


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Re: Mosac150 bricked
« Reply #1 on: 02:41:09 | 08 August, 2012 »
I don't have any experience of that particular radio but IMHO very few Recivas that die in normal use do so because the firmware went bad.  Except for firmware upgrades that go wrong, virtually all other problems are hardware failures of some sort.

If you have a modicum of technical ability (know one end of a screwdriver from the other) and are not too faint-hearted, you could swap the Barracuda modules between the two radios.  If the fault is in the remainder of the radio the possibility of repair is quite high.  If the module is faulty the chances of  successful and economic repair are much less.
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Re: Mosac150 bricked
« Reply #2 on: 03:27:53 | 08 August, 2012 »
The Mosac 150 is difficult but not impossible to get into. Just removing the end cap from the tube does not allow any real access or removal. Everything is assembled from the front. The whole lump is screwed on from the front, then another layer of plastic is fused on the front. This leaves the fixing screws hidden inside the sandwich. My answer when needing access to fit an external dongle, was to gently lever the whole front off, which popped the fixing screw heads through the rear layer of the plastic sandwich. To refit, I extended the fixing holes through the front layer of plastic, which allowed through fixing from the front. The only evidence of this, was that the fixing screws were then showing around the edge of the plastic facia. There were images of this on the old Reciva forum site, but it seems all pics have now been removed.


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Re: Mosac150 bricked
« Reply #3 on: 03:53:31 | 08 August, 2012 »
Thanks both. It's useful to have the second radio so I'll attempt the barracuda module swap. At least then I'll know if the broken radio is reparable or not.


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Re: Mosac150 bricked
« Reply #4 on: 08:49:05 | 21 September, 2014 »
Its easy to dismantle without pulling screws through the plastic. Remove the 3 allen screws on the None speaker endcap and remove. The front speakers have a rectangular plate with holes in it to act as a grill insert a blade at the edge of the grill where it seems to have a recess this will pop off it is only stuck with double sided sticky tape. do this for both sides and then remove the 4 screws under each grill. Now insert a blade under the main plastic front this is also stuck with sticky tape thats it its apart.
Most of the dead MOSAC 150 are because of the small TS2805 regulator on the black heatsink you can see sticking up replacing this will fix most of the not turning on problems.