Author Topic: DNT IPdio Tune now with v266 firmware  (Read 3528 times)


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DNT IPdio Tune now with v266 firmware
« on: 05:56:00 | 17 September, 2013 »
The Tune is now being sold with v266 firmware on board. Such models should not be given the beta legacy enhanced firmware, as it may not have the correct drivers for audio, display, WLAN and/or LAN chips. Also, with v266 firmware, the radio is, sadly, not sharpfinnable.
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Re: DNT IPdio Tune now with v266 firmware
« Reply #1 on: 10:05:43 | 04 November, 2013 »
This sounds amazing, my tune was sharpfinned a few weeks ago. But there is no firmware update available for me. The v257 is equipped with the "device request failure" in the upnp part. Have tested the beta, but it played mp3 as static noise. Are you affected by the drive request failure?

Reciva Hardware Config   663
Reciva Radio App Version   v600-a-311-a-378-a-018
Reciva Service Pack No.   257-a-865-a-263-b-017
Reciva Kernel Package Version.   v24090522+00
Sharpfin Versions   sharpfin-base_0.1 sharpfin-base_0.2-alpha20080510 sharpfin-ftpd_0.1 sharpfin-httpd_0.1 sharpfin-lircd_0.1 sharpfin-telnetd_0.1 sharpfin-www_0.7
Processor Information   Linux version 2.4.26-vrs1-bast2 (at@bob.internal.reciva.com) (gcc version 3.3.4) v24090522+00 #1 Fri May 22 17:52:00 BST 2009
CPU Information   Processor : Arm920Tid(wb) rev 0 (v4l) BogoMIPS : 101.16 Features : swp half thumb Hardware : Reciva-IR2 Revision : 0000 Serial : 0000000000000000
Busybox Version   BusyBox v1.10.3 (2009-02-09 13:51:34 GMT) multi-call binary