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KNWB only in mono
« on: 04:42:48 | 01 December, 2013 »

my name is Thomas and I am new to internet streaming radio. I got my new dnt IPdio Tune on Friday and thanks to Wolf- Dietrich Gerber, who immediately realized my request to add this Hawaiian Classic Rock Station, KNWB (their homepage can be found at to the Reciva Station Directory, I can now listen to this great Classic Rock station.

Thanks a lot again, Wolf- Dietrich! Your support is absolutely fantastic!

The station is streaming two streams in 64kbps,
- one MP3 stream, which is sounding really bad with all the compression warbling and artifacts at 64kbps,
- and an AAC+ v2 coded stream, which sounds considerably better than the MP3 one, although also only streaming at 64kbps:

The only drawback is, that the AAC+ v2 stream is only played back in mono on the IPdio, although the radio is already updated to the latest v.266 Firmware.

If I enter the same stream URL into the VLC media player on my PC, the same stream is played back in stereo. So the stream itself should play in stereo.

I noticed that these streams will be played back in mono if the decoder used is not Parametric Stereo (PS) compatible (see So it appears that v266 cannot play back the stream correctly, as it is probably only supporting AAC+ v1, which is not yet PS- compatible, but not yet AAC+ v2.

I can also notice a pretty large time shift between playback of the stream played on the abacast web player that opens if the webradio window on the station's internet site is opened. Adobe Flash Player is required to play back this stream:

URL Snooper finds the following media stream when I play it on the web player:

This appears to be a FlashMedia http stream (Shockwave Flash file).

Does anybody have an idea how I can make my IPdio Tune play this station in good stereo quality, like the one achieved with the web player using the .swf stream or using VLC media player and the AAC+ v2 stream?

Thanks and best regards,