Author Topic: Tune titan - magic MP3 stopdown  (Read 2746 times)


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Tune titan - magic MP3 stopdown
« on: 03:27:42 | 19 December, 2013 »
don't know why and have no explanation. My ipdio Tune have a hiccup, every 15min all MP3 play will stop for around 30s and then continue. This happens with wifi and LAN, but only in MP3, not in bigger streamsize FLAC files. The tune will not pull further stream data and have a break (have a kitkat) in playing.

Reciva Hardware Config   663
Reciva Radio App Version   v600-a-311-a-378-a-018
Reciva Service Pack No.   257-a-865-a-263-b-017
Reciva Kernel Package Version.   v24090522+00

Is this effect known?