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Volker Masemann

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« on: 08:51:43 | 16 March, 2014 »
I am having trouble finding WBFO-used to be fine as WBFO-FM  until recently, now it will no longer tune to that station. On the Reciva directory it only shows as HD1 and HD2 and , while connecting, it will not stay saved. I can get these two stations on my PC however. Is this a hardware fault with my receiver ? Help !


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WBFO-FM is still available at Reciva:

I have checked the station on my radio and it played OK. So the problem should be at your end. First check whether you call the station from a preset on the radio or the remote. If yes, please select the station from the country list or use the search function. If you then can play the station re-assign the preset. Presets are stored locally on your radio and not changed when Reciva updates the station on the database.
If you still have problems do the following procedure. Play any other station then unplug the radio (not switch off only). Wait a few minutes and restart the radio. Search the station or play it from “My Stations”.


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You are right. The URL of WBFO-FM is wrong - the right one is listed as WBFO-HD1. Unfortunately we are not able to update the station because it is a NPR station which is locked for external maintainers. I have sent a mail to my partner at Reciva.
For the moment use WBFO-HD1.

EDIT: I got the info from Reciva that the stream URL of WBFO-FM has been updated. The difference between the multiple WBFO entries is that WBFO-HD1 and WBFO-HD2 are direct links to the appropiate channels (suitable for storing them on a preset key) whereas the entry WBFO enables access to these both streams as well as to podcasts.
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