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Stations streamed by LiquidCompass
« on: 07:55:43 | 31 March, 2014 »
Reciva now uses an automated transfer of the stream URLs for most LiquidCompass stations.

That has these consequences:

1. The names do not agree with Reciva's convention. The normal naming convention is
    callsign-(A/F)M frequency (brand) city, state
    Surely the naming is not so important for the users but I mention it here because a name not in this format indicates that we
     maintainers here in the forum are not able to update such a station.

2. For most stations the AAC+ stream only is provided not the MP3 stream (even not if it is available). LiquidCompass streams always
    in AAC+ v2 which results in better sound quality but also means that older radios (v257/v265) can't play these streams.
    Reciva is aware of the problem and will successively add MP3 streams for these stations which offer them.


If you detect an US station with an usual naming it is probably streamed by LiquidCompass. If the AAC stream does not play on your
radio try this kind of URL in a software player on your computer (KIXIAM is an example and must be replaced by the call sign and AM/FM)

If this works the station offers a MP3 stream and you may use the URL in your "My Streams"