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Please use Reciva's stations maintenance - IMPORTANT INFO
« on: 06:43:04 | 19 November, 2014 »
It seems that I am now the only stations maintainer who processes requests from this forum. There have been a few cases where users posted reminders when it tooks too long from their view. But there are times when I do not look here - for different reasons.

Therefore I recommend no longer to request station maintenance posts here. Please use Reciva's service at (Add a Station). This is also valid for station update requests.

Some hints:

 If you want to update a station which is listed at Reciva or want to add a 2nd stream please add an appropiate comment to the name of the station. This avoids that you will receive a "Duplicate Station" mail from Reciva.

Do not use apostrophes in the station names. e.g. use 80s instead of 80's. There is a bug in the routine which results in a crash ("Something went wrong").

At the place where the stream URL is wanted you may also enter the website of the station - this is better than "UNKNOWN".

"Location" means the location of the station not the location where you live.

Select only genres which are a major part of the program. E.g. if the station has a 3 minutes news program every hour do not select "News".


I noticed that I was misunderstood. I did not want to force you to use Reciva's service "Add a Station". I want to recommend this way as the common way because I noticed that during the last months nobody else than me has processed such requests. And for different reason sometimes I may be offline for a while and these requests will not be processed for a longer time.
If there are special reasons, e.g. to add a special logo or the apostrohe is an important part of the station name, you may still create topics and I will try to request them as soon as possible.

Please not that my tool does not allow to add multiple streams. This can be done by Reciva only. Also the entries for major stations (e.g. BBC, most NPR stations) are blocked for external maintainers. In this cases you must use Reciva's service.
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