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Looking for New RADIO DJs
« on: 01:44:16 | 31 May, 2015 »

    Hello DJs,

    I am DJ Averazon , DJ and Radio Manager at CurveRadio. At the moment all people at our radio station are searching for new DJs. I found this forum...

    About CurveRadio:
    CurveRadio is an english speaking radio, listenable under and the browser game Curve Fever. Maybe you know it :)
    CurveRadio exists for around 2 years yet. Now we would like to expand. For this we are searching for new people who would like to DJ in their freetime as a hobby, without getting paid.
    WAIT, WHAT??? Without money? Why should I do this then?
    That's easy to explain:

    We give you the opportunity to DJ in front of 3000 (unique) listeners per day, to chat with these people and to have a good time on air. If you always wanted to DJ for more people than just your friends or even your shelf, then we are the right address and radio station for you. Here you can be creative, you can do what you want to do, you can get experiences in broadcasting and you see, how radio works. Feel free to play your favourite music, to have guests (for example friends) in your shows or to make little competitions on air. We give you no guidelines, as long as everything is appropriate.

    If this sounds interesting to you, but you think you are not good enough as a DJ, do not worry: We are not searching for the next David Guetta or AVICII. You do not have to be a perfect DJ that had multiple gigs yet. The most important thing is, that you can entertain people. No matter whether you do this with awesome sessions or with talking on air and playing some cool music.
    Also if you think your english is not good enough: you do not have to be a native speaker. We just check whether the english is understandable. The rest comes after a while.

    An other plus point is our community: We are all young. At the moment nobody at CurveRadio is older than 24. So we have a good cllimate in the staff, we are always there for you and with time we all got friends. Nevertheless we take older DJs, that is no problem too ;)

    If you are interested now then do not hestitate. Feel free to check out the radio under Please also visit There you find all necessary information and also the contact details. Do not be afraid to write us for applying or for more questions, we do not bite. Even my name is Wolfi ;)

    DJ Ave