Author Topic: Roberts WM-201, beta firmware, Sharpfinned, Avox remote  (Read 2402 times)


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Roberts WM-201, beta firmware, Sharpfinned, Avox remote
« on: 02:04:18 | 01 February, 2016 »
Anyone interested in a used, "enhanced" Roberts WM-201? This one has firmware level v257-a-865-a-479 (the beta / Legacy Enhanced is v257-a-865-a-476) and the Sharpfin patch installed. Configs have been slightly edited to allow up to 39 presets (usually only 12), allow staying connected in standby, and to use an Avox rubber-button remote instead of the original flat type (both supplied). The 'Browse' button on the Avox remote calls up the preset list on the display. Physically it's in pretty good condition, although there are some slight scratches on the top of the casing. Choice of Europlug or 13A plug. Currently located in Germany. Will accept payment by bank transfer (UK or German account), PayPal or UK cheque.

£60 / €80 (plus shipping). 
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Re: Roberts WM-201, beta firmware, Sharpfinned, Avox remote
« Reply #1 on: 05:04:09 | 03 April, 2016 »
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