Author Topic: Wireless Connection Problem with Encore+  (Read 647 times)


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Wireless Connection Problem with Encore+
« on: 13:08:13 | 15 December, 2017 »
Longtime Grace fan here. I joined the Encore+ Kickstarter campaign without a qualm. I got my Encore+ two days ago and finally started to set it up an hour or so ago, but in short order hit a brick wall.

On both a five-year-old Bravado 4500 and last year's Encore I had no problems connecting wirelessly to my home network. On the Encore+. however, once I put in the last character of the Network Key, I can find no path forward. The instructions say to press the Enter Button and wait for the router to verify and connect. But there is no physical Enter button on either the top of the box or on the Remote. There is a highlightable word "Enter" in an action bar at the bottom of the screen over which the "Password" window floats, but I find no way to scroll or move to it. No button on the box or remote will let me do anything to get out of password input mode.

I did a complete shutdown a couple of times to see if that would help, but it didn't. I suppose I could be having a light brain death moment, but it doesn't feel like it. Can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong and what, if anything, I can do that would let me complete the wireless connection?


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Re: Wireless Connection Problem with Encore+
« Reply #1 on: 14:25:41 | 15 December, 2017 »
Problem solved, or at least worked around. Sorry for a reply post to my own first post, but I didn't see how to edit it.

The Enter Button is the Green context sensitive button. I don't see any indication in the user guide that this is the proper way to submit a wireless password when setting up the Encore+.


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Re: Wireless Connection Problem with Encore+
« Reply #2 on: 17:51:34 | 15 December, 2017 »
Comment from Kickstarter page:

Trogdor Superbacker  7 days ago

Look at the bottom of the screen and notice the shades of blue, white, green, etc. Then look at the colors on the top buttons. Your Enter button is to the right of the white button. Your delete is to the right of the 'Now Playing' button.

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