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Roberts WM201
« on: 13:04:21 | 17 December, 2017 »
In UK; thus all the problems with BBC abandoning internet radio users. The two WM201's here still sound as good as new - when they can keep a connection alive. That era seems passed as they seem to drop BBC output and revert to the 'Internet Radio' menu option at frequent but highly irregular intervals. This is in addition to the momentary drops we were warned about due to BBC's MP3 wrapper (I think).

The link with  the router seems to be lost again and again by both WM201's. Taking both into the same room as the router and testing them about 3 clear metres away from the router does not help. They do not lose the router connection in synchrony, it happens at random. As do the quick 30 second drops.

We have started to buy SONOS which side by side with the WM201 are very well behaved (They use Tun-in rather than Reciva).

One factor we cannot test - as far as I know - wehave recently been put on 'Fibre Broadband' meaning we went from 2MBps to 12MBps (which I am told ought to be 30MBps, but who would complain about moving 2 to 12?).

So why pursue the WM201's? As mentioned many times in posts here - they sound so good.

Is it time to give up on these? Is there a destination to which these can be sent where someone else can get benefit from them?

Failing a solution I feel more SONOS is the only proven answer.

Thank you for considering this.