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Looking For A New Internet Radio
« on: 17:30:50 | 31 January, 2018 »
I have a Logitech Squeezebox Radio that I wanted to connect to my Slingbox PRO-HD, but I realized that the 3.5 mm jack on it is for audio in, not audio out. So, I am now in the market for a new internet radio. So far, I have focused on the Grace Digital Mondo+. Would that be a good choice? Also, is it possible to change stations remotely? What I would ultimately like to do is be able to control it, via my Slingbox PRO-HD. What I don't know is if the remote control is infra red (IR). The other likely problem is Slingbox having a virtual remote control for it, which I doubt. If I have to just stream one feed, that is okay. Would it time out after a certain time period? If I buy a refurbished unit I might spend the extra money to get a Mondo+/ Encore+ USB to Ethernet Adapter. How necessary is the optional Internet Radio+ Remote Control? If I am just using it to stream through my Slingbox PRO-HD, it seems unnecessary. 

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Re: Looking For A New Internet Radio
« Reply #1 on: 17:36:01 | 31 January, 2018 »
The Mondo+ and Encore+ uses an IR remote control.

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