Author Topic: Wave 105: Faulty stream?  (Read 3387 times)


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Re: Wave 105: Faulty stream?
« Reply #45 on: 00:58:34 | 20 June, 2018 »
Planet Rock is working fine now.

At the moment, just by the above "My Stations" fix.

odd, but that wasn't working for me until yesterday. Now it does.

Right now, Planet Rock isn't even listed on the channel list. Expect that will update soon.

Many thanks to all those who've helped get this working again.

Paul Webster

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Re: Wave 105: Faulty stream?
« Reply #46 on: 01:34:03 | 20 June, 2018 »
I found it via Search on the radio yesterday when I posted the earlier message ... so my guess is that if you reboot your radio then it will find it.
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Re: Wave 105: Faulty stream?
« Reply #47 on: 05:37:36 | 13 September, 2018 »
Just replace the word 'key' with the name of the Bauer radio station you want, add it to my streams and hey presto!
So just add to My streams.
Works for most of Bauer stations.
As you say, it only works for most, not all.
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