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Tangent Quattro Radio
« on: 19:15:57 | 17 March, 2018 »
I have a Tangent Quattro and I just had to update my Wi-Fi network. The radio found the new network but no matter what I did it would not connect with any of the pre-set channels. Out of desperation I finally reset the radio back to the factory settings, lost all of my pre-sets and now the radio cannot load any stations from Reciva. I get the error message "error loading stations list". It appears that this has happened with other Quattro owners. Without the stations, which is the reason I bought the radio, it is nothing more than an FM receiver. It appears there is no way to contact Reciva directly as their web-site contains no contact info, no phone, no-e-mail, no "contact us" option so now the radio is basically useless as an Internet radio. Does anybody have any idea what to do in this situation??


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Re: Tangent Quattro Radio
« Reply #1 on: 02:46:48 | 19 March, 2018 »
Make sure you new Wi-Fi is not set to 'n' mode only - the Wi-Fi dongle and radio firmware in old Reciva based radios can only use 'b' or 'g'.  Most modern W-Fi gear can be set to 'bgn' or 'gn'.

If it still will not connect, temporarily disable the encryption (security) on the Wi-Fi.  If that enables the radio to connect you may need to update the radio firmware.  But let's not worry about crossing that bridge unless it proves necessary.
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