Author Topic: Issues with SiriusXM Dayparting on Grace Digital Device  (Read 806 times)


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Hi There,
We have had this issue for quite a long time and I just getting tired of it.  We have SiriusXM for business subscription and we are using a Grace Digital receiver (GDI-SXBR1). What is happening that I have a dayparting schedule to change the channel every 4 hours or so.  At random times, the radio does not change the channel as expected - it just stays on the 'last' channel it was on and it will never change again unless I reboot the device.  Last year I contacted Grace Digital about the issue.  They put a log on the device and found out that the radio was receiving the instructions to change the channel but wasn't listening to those instructions.  Their recommendation was to replace the radio under warranty, which we did.  We get the new radio and the same issue happens!

I have tweaked the schedule so that the channel changes during non-peak times (e.g. at noon where internet usage is higher) and it seems to have helped but hasn't gotten rid of the problem entirely.  So I am thinking it might not be communicating well with the SiriusXM servers?  However, according to Grace Digital the hardware is supposed to talk to the dayparting servers every 10 minutes or so - so in a 4 hour span that is a lot of attempts to communicate.  Also, if it did fail to communicate, why wouldn't the hardware change the channel even it it was after the 'allotted time' to change the channel?

I have scoured the internet for users with similar issues and I can't find a thing - so I am hoping that someone on here has had a similar issue?