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kozmik radio
« on: 20:58:59 | 16 April, 2018 »
I would like to get Kozmik radio back on reciva but it  changed streams  to  and I cannot get this to play on a wfr20.  Is there a way to get this stream to play on the radio? or does anyone have a playable stream?  it works fine in VLC?


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Re: kozmik radio
« Reply #1 on: 22:53:28 | 16 April, 2018 » works fine on my Frontier-based Hama radio; the stream format is given as AAC (bit rate 127kbps). This may be the problem - older (aka 'legacy') Reciva radios such as the WFR20 which have v257-series firmware (or older) cannot decode certain varieties of AAC, such as AAC V2+. Reciva radios with v266-series firmware should have no problem. And no, it is not possible to upgrade a v257 radio to v266.

Unless Kozmik Radio also provides an MP3 stream, or can be persuaded to do so, I'm afraid that's it as far as your WFR20 is concerned.
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