Author Topic: Teltrif article: internet radio overtakes FM & MW; HD radio a flop  (Read 7105 times)


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Interesting article (in German) on Teltarif.de claiming that in the US, internet radio has overtaken both FM and MW (which seems odd, seeing how few internet radios are on the US market), while HD Radio, the US version of DAB, is not as successful.

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Most listen to internet radio on their phones, not on a dedicated internet radio. Yes,  HD radio went nowhere fast.
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That was a good article. Our FCC seems bent on approving systems that no one really wants and many tend not to work very well.
Most people don't know about internet radios here in the USA. But internet radio listening is becoming popular via the Google Home and Amazon Echo. My friends and neighbors have gotten on board with this. Since I got my first Mondo several years ago, the only time I listen to radio is when we have a power failure and my internet stuff doesn't work.
In western New York State we have always been under served radio, but internet radio gives me good stuff to listen to. I enjoy BR Heimat quite a bit. Nothing like that on the air here.
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The facts they cite don't really reflect actual usage. The statistics I have seen claim that 51% of Americans listen to internet radio at least once per week (!), but it is also claimed that "93% of us listen to AM/FM radio over the airwaves". So it would appear overall, that many more people listen to traditional radio and for longer periods than they do IR.
But I suspect that the under 30s do in fact listen more via their smartphones than the airwaves.