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Avox Internet Radios
« on: 07:04:49 | 25 July, 2018 »
I have two Avox Internet radios and have great difficulty listening to our favourite BBC radio stations.
I'm always getting the message Stream Ended or no longer broadcasting in this format.
What format should I use to listen to the BBC and how do I change the format option on the radio.
I hope there is some solution to this because these radios were not cheap and the only way we find we can listen to the radio is through my laptop and that is a nuisance when I ned to use it for other things.
We live in Germany so contact with the home country over the radio is our luxury!  :D
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Re: Avox Internet Radios
« Reply #1 on: 12:34:07 | 25 July, 2018 »
Assuming it is using the Reciva database then you should be able to use the Search function to find the particular BBC Radio stations that you want and verify that they work ... and then same them into Amy Stations (or favourites if you have them).
You might be using very very old versions of the station streams.
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Re: Avox Internet Radios
« Reply #2 on: 02:51:43 | 27 July, 2018 »
I just bought an Avox Indio Color off Ebay. Good quality item. I use it as a bedside (music) radio so don't use BBC channels. However a quick search finds all BBC national channels (presumably the MP3 versions). As Paul Webster has suggested you may be using old versions of BBC streams.
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