Author Topic: Geoblocking furstrations  (Read 706 times)


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Re: Geoblocking furstrations
« Reply #15 on: 07:42:03 | 01 April, 2019 »
thanks @zeewier - I have a smallform Dell PC setup in our garage, which is used to store our security camera data.
it's a 4gb/windows win7 Ult.

as this thing is powered up and running constantly, would this be a suitable option?

how do I go about setting up the hotspot? is this done thru the vpn s'ware?


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Re: Geoblocking furstrations
« Reply #16 on: 13:37:56 | 01 April, 2019 »
I mainly use Apple Macs, and I have very little experience with Windows machines (I only have a Win 10 notebook that is used infrequently). On my Mac there is a feature called internet sharing, which is very easy to set up, whereby for example the Mac's ethernet connection can be shared with other computers via WiFi. In this way the Mac is acting as a WiFi access point. If the computer is running VPN software and is using an external non-UK IP address, then connected devices (like e.g. a radio) will also have this non-UK IP address. Presumably something similar can be done with a Windows PC although I am not sure whether this facility is a feature of Windows 7. Somebody else may be able to confirm this. Bear in mind that an internet radio that you want to connect to your WiFi hotspot has to be within reach, so if your garage is quite far from your listening location this scenario may not work unless you move the Dell PC closer to the radio.