Author Topic: Encore Plus SiriusXM Issue  (Read 114 times)


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Encore Plus SiriusXM Issue
« on: 11:05:36 | 07 February, 2019 »
I am a new Encore+ owner and loving it . . . except for one issue I can't seem to solve.  After a bit of trial and error, I got my SiriusXM account registered and began streaming with no problem.  I listen at work and have it going pretty much all day.  After a flawless first couple of days of operation, the SiriusXM stream has begun to stop unexpectedly.  I get this message on the display:  "Playback stopped. Retrying . . .".  Even though it says it is retrying, it never reconnects and it seems to freeze any operation for SiriusXM.  Changing channels does not solve the problem.  I can successfully change to another streaming source and it works fine.  But if I try to return to SiriusXM, I still get the same "playback stopped" message.  The only way to resolve it is a hard reset or to leave the unit powered off for a considerable amount of time (like an hour), then things will start up again.  I thought it might be just an occasional glitch with SiriusXM that I could live with, but unfortunately it seems to be happening more frequently.  Any solutions would be much appreciated!


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Re: Encore Plus SiriusXM Issue
« Reply #1 on: 15:45:27 | 07 February, 2019 »
I relayed your question to Grace's CEO.  His response boils down to "we're working on it:"

Grace Digital is aware of the issues and is working with SXM to find the cause. The issue seems to only be affecting a small percentage of SXM customers, and those who are affected do not typically need a reboot. However, we have heard of a few issues where a hard reset is required to restart the SXM application.  We do not know the root cause of the issue, but the developers are analyzing the situation as a top priority.  A radio firmware upgrade will be required to resolve the change that SXM made on their service. We apologize for the service disruption while we work on the fix.




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