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delay time in m3u stream
« on: 05:29:55 | 18 June, 2019 »
Since the changes with FS, I am interested in the direct streams of internet stations, and I found the relevant m3u links to the some 20 radio stations, I am interested in.
After clicking these links in my Windows PC with VLC, all streams start to play within a few seconds.
I also put these links in my Fritzbox and I can open these streams with the UPnP feature of my two internet radios. These streams also open in a matter of seconds.
Situation is different with my mediaplayer Rasp. Pi - OpenElec - Kodi. Some m3u streams open in seconds, others take much longer - one minute or more (and more gives a time-out message). Maybe accidentally, the one minute or more stations are german (and I live in Germany with a german IP address).
I donot think it is the network since all devices are part of the same network. It is not the codec since the stations are mp3 and 128 kbs and use the same codec (according to VLC).
So has anybody a clue why these german stations have such a long delay time (but ultimately will play the stream)?