Author Topic: Recommendation for Echo Dot users (Alexa)  (Read 891 times)


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Recommendation for Echo Dot users (Alexa)
« on: 07:03:04 | 01 August, 2019 »
I bought this rechargeable, 2nd generation Echo Dot base from Amazon Germany. It is well designed and the battery lasts for 17 hours of continuous operation. It is handy for anyone who wants to carry a Dot around within wifi range. It has a main power switch; this feature useful for two reasons:
-the Dot can be turned off and on from the base's switch, thereby preventing it from sending information while in standby
-the charge lasts much longer when the battery is turned off while not in use.
I can get a week of service from one charge if used for up to 2 hours each day. When turned back on from the power switch it takes about 45 seconds for Dot to reconnect.
This model does not appear to be available from US or UK Amazon, but similar devices are available.